Taking a Street photo that I shot and manipulated to a Studio Portrait.
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​Meir Martin Photographer.
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West Palm Beach Landscape
Ceiling artwork of the Everglades by Surreal Nature Meir Martin Photographer.
Before creating the actual work, let your customer see the final work.
Save Today For Tomorrow. Advertising for Bank Leumi Israel 
Images from, Meir Martin Stock Photo.
Photo editing by Meir martin. 
The art of manipulation and retouching images for advertisement agency, Graphic design, Real Estate, photographer, and model agency.
Ceiling artwork created to cover the empty ceiling in lobby, hotel, and hospital.

Ceiling artwork is pure nature, created by hundreds of Nature images of Birds, sky, clouds, and landscape.

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Surreal Nature Photography
Professional Photo Retouching & Manipulation Services

Sign for Real Estate before and after
Real Estate Before & After
Creation of Artwork
Real Estate
Products advertising 
When it comes to taking pictures for modeling, Protrait and Real Estate costumers.

Photoshop is the second name of creativity. 

Photo manipulation may be one of the important things you can do to present your picture the right way. 

I have 40 years experience in photography
And the ceiling artwork can show my skills in Photoshop work. 
Street shot I stumble on a pretty lady when I was visiting Tigertail beach.
Taking a Street photo that I shot, and manipulated to a Studio Portrait. 
Taking a Street photo that I shot and manipulated to a Studio Portrait.